Dodo Case

Dodocase V7-01
The DODOcase philosophy is simple. Manufacture things locally and help keep the art of bookbinding alive, and off the extinction list where the namesake Dodo bird still resides, by adapting bookbinding techniques to a world of e-readers and iPads. Handmade and produced locally in San Francisco, CA by professional bookbinders, the DODOcase is characterized by unmatched style and quality that has won fans, from tech celebrities to the Hollywood set, the world over. The DODOcase launched day one with the iPad in April of 2010, and expanded to include a case for the Kindle 3 in November 2010 and the BlackBerry PlayBook in April 2011. Most recently, DODOcase launched the BOOKback, a back that lends the feeling and familiarity of a book to your iPad or iPhone4 as well as a case for the iPad2. For more information, or to purchase a case, please visit the website at


DODOcase for iPad and iPad 2 (AWARD WINNING!)

DODOcase for Kindle 3

DODOcase for BlackBerry PlayBook

BOOKback for iPad, iPad2 and iPhone 4



Various iPad accessories

Dodocase V03_01