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Total Body 2-Pack

posted Jul 20, 2011, 7:33 AM by Wolfred Wanch

Total Body 2-Pack
Product Description

FIRM PARTS: TOTAL BODY 2-PACK contains 4 intense workouts which will target all of your problem areas and you help you to achieve your goal of a beautiful, sculpted body. Upper Body workout will help you to achieve a chest, back, shoulders and arms that make a dramatic impression in a sleeveless dress or swimsuit. Standing Legs will slenderize and tone your legs with resistance training. You can concentrate on your upper abs, lower abs, obliques, hip flexors and pelvic diaphragm with the 5 Day Abs workout. In addition, for that all over body workout, Tough Tape 2 uses weights with minimal cardio intensifiers, creating a strong, shapely upper and lower body.